10 original gifts for a baby’s first birthday

10 original gifts for a baby’s first birthday

Your baby is turning one! You have organised a party or maybe a smash cake. The only thing remaining is some worthy first birthday gift. It is not easy to know the right gift for your baby. Should you go for something fun, educational sweet, or sentimental like baby girl clothes?

If you are reading this, it means that you don’t know what to buy for your 1-year toddler. You are in the right place! Whether your nephew, niece or your child, the gift idea below will delight them.


1. Toddler soccer ball

A toddler soccer ball with cartoon or animal prints is fun and educational. You kid will enjoy playing with the ball while learning motor skills like catching or grabbing, kicking, and throwing. The ball has fun animal colours and designs, making learning a fun and imaginative activity.

2. Building blocks with periodic table

Hope your baby want to be the next Einstein! This gift will give them a head start. A periodic table building block will help your child’s chemistry education journey. Each block side contains an element, symbols, and atomic number in bright colours.

3. Dress set

Are you attending a formal occasion with your baby girl? Dress her with this set of baby girl clothes. Ensure the dress is pure cotton, suitable for formal celebrations or occasions. The boy suit is comfortable and soft, made using breathable material.

4. Road map mat

A play-and-go storage mat is the best gift you can buy to minimise toy mess in the room. The road mat is printed on the mat to provide interactive and imaginative fun for your toddler.

5. Memory gift tree

This memory gift tree will help you celebrate your toddler‘s first year. A memory gift tree will last a lifetime regardless of whose baby they are. It comes in an attractive eco-friendly bamboo package and is personalised.

6. Sloth plush

Finding a perfect gift for a year one old toddler is not easy, but this sloth plush is cute to worth the search. It is hand-knitted from soft wool. Your toddler will fall in love with a squeezable sloth plush immediately.

7. Sock monkey blanket

This is a worthy gift to add to your list of ideas. This monkey blanket is made of material that would otherwise be thrown. Therefore, this blanket is unique in both colour and appearance.

8. Zip up hoodie

If your baby is obsessed with dinosaurs, a dinosaur zip-up hoodie can do the magic. This hoodie will magically turn your little one into a living dinosaur. It is 95% cotton, soft and breathable.

9. Magnetic block set

This magnetic bot block set will turn your kind‘s imagination wild. Each block has a print of bolts and nuts assembled to form a robot. With this magnetic block set, your young one will always be busy.

10. Utensils and garden plate

It includes a rake, pitch, and shovel. Your kid will use imagination while fishing and eating their meal using these tools. It brings a blend of play and work that turns into fun at the end.