All you should know about Muay Thai shorts

All you should know about Muay Thai shorts

Thailand is known to be the nation of Thai boxing, especially Muay Thai which has gotten national acclaim with a lot of training camps across the country.

If you have decided to train for Muay Thai in Thailand for weight loss, fitness, or professional purposes, the next thing to do after choosing a Muay Thai training camp is to get the right sportswear for the job.

All you should know about shopping for Muay Thai shorts and sportswear

Muay Thai shorts are the traditional attire for Muay Thai boxing in Thailand. The shorts have also gained popularity in the fashion industry as we have seen celebrities look stylish in them.

Muay Thai boxing shorts are made with quality fabric and unique designs, such that you will always find something that suits your taste. The best shorts will last for a long time and be comfortable when you engage in Muay Thai training.


Where to buy Muay Thai shorts and sportswear

There are several ways to get the fashionable shorts you need for Muay Thai training in Thailand.

Online store

Shops like Amazon have a lot of Muay Thai sportswear from different brands and in different designs. You will find a lot of retailers and their products.

You will find different sizes, materials, and options, so you will pick the one that fits you.

When shopping online, it is advised that you shop with trusted sellers who have great reviews for their sportswear. Always check and confirm the size before you shop, to avoid ordering the wrong size as sometimes, returns are hectic or even impossible.

Muay Thai/ Boxing shop

Just like online platforms, you will find many sportswear and designs in physical Muay Thai shops within or outside Thailand.

However, the advantage of physical shops is that you can see, feel, and even try out the sports outfit you want to buy, and ensure that they suit your taste and requirements.

Some Muay Thai sports shops even render customization services where you can get them to make a short that is uniquely for you with the fabric and design you like.

You will find different boxing cloth and styles when you visit a store in Thailand.

Muay Thai training camps

If you’re traveling to a Muay Thai camp for weight loss training, you can buy Muay Thai shorts from the camp, because some of them sell the needed sportswear. Some others also rent out this attire, although you shouldn’t rent shorts for training.

The advantage of getting in touch with a Muay Thai training camp is that they can show you the right cloth, design, and fabric to buy for the best results.


Muay Thai training at is exciting for everyone who wants to enjoy the fitness and weight loss benefits that come with exercise.

Muay Thai fashion and sportswear designs are unique and numerous, and you can find something suitable for your training period, whether you buy online, at a sports shop, or at a Muay Thai training camp.