Pros and Cons of Owning an Ice Bath

Pros and Cons of Owning an Ice Bath

Taking ice baths has been portrayed as this cure-all for exercise recovery, and though it may not help with everything, ice baths are still incredibly beneficial. You may only see the need to have a tub dedicated to ice baths if you are an athlete. But, what if we told you that getting a tub for ice baths could be better than you thought? If you are an athlete and are still deciding, keep reading this blog post. We have compiled a list of pros and cons that you should consider.

The Cons

  • It is expensive. We don’t want to sugarcoat anything, and especially not something as significant as price ranges. The truth is that if you will be shopping for an ice tub, you will run into many expensive prices. Getting a tub for ice baths is an investment, so if you are not someone who is doing constant and intense training that pushes your muscles all the time, then you may not be the one who needs an ice tub.

You will need the space for it. If you want to get an ice tub you have to make sure that you have enough space for the tub. You may not be able to fit it in your bathroom and you may not have a private home gym. If you don’t have the space for an extra tub somewhere in your home or in the vicinity of your home or wherever you need the tub, you might need to think this purchase through.

The Pros

You don’t need to worry about always cleaning your own bathtub for ice baths. If you have a bathtub for bathing and/or taking showers, then you know how dirty it can frequently get and how often you need to clean it. However, if you need to take regular because of your training schedule, then using your normal bathtub will not be ideal. If you have an ice tub, then you will not have to deal with constantly cleaning your tub.

  • Taking out the ice out of your ice bathtub won’t be such a tedious task as it would be if you were to use your regular bathtub. Once you get out of your ice bath we guarantee that you will want to warm up again. And if you don’t have an extra shower or bath and you use your standard bathtub for an ice bath, you will be standing there, super cold, waiting to get your bathtub back to be able to shower and warm up. With an ice tub, you can hop into your bath or shower immediately.

Made your decision?

We hope this pros and cons list gave you some help when making this decision for yourself. If you decide not to buy an ice tub, then great! Maybe ice baths aren’t a thing you particularly need to do. But if you decide that you would benefit greatly from an ice tub, then check out for a fine selection of tubs for your next ice bath.