Fashion is dynamic. It’s dynamic and paradigmatic of the person that you are. Discordant to how it used to be, fashion for women has transmuted to be progressively intuitive. In this day and age fashion is more about what you feel in lieu of what size or color you are. 2022 fashion is set to accentuate this credo to just the right levels by different stores. It is better to head over to the reviews by different experienced customers to get help in decision making. For instance, if you want to buy any dress from Silk Maison then read the Silk Maison reviews.

As the ill-famed coronavirus took a toll on every individual’s mind, fashion for women in the coming year is expected to be more about rejuvenation and amenity. Fashion for women in 2022 might just be a lot more exhilarating than what we saw during the lockdown and post lockdown era due to online clothing stores. A lot more and much above than ruffled dresses, dull hues, tiny sunglasses, oversized and baggy clothing, transparent handbags and most essentially chunky sneakers.

Fashion in 2022

With 2022 forthcoming and copious acclaimed fashion designers unveiling their métier it’s time to renew our wardrobes and prime ourselves according to the impending fashion trends. Judging by what was revealed to us in the Paris, London and Milan fashion shows this month, by and large, the philosophy for women’s fashion in 2022 is purported to be ‘color  and comfort oriented’ which can also be taken as the best fashion gifts.

Color, florals and sequins

Women are expected to see much more color blocking in their outfits to complement their style as avant-garde  is the new word for fashion in 2022. Addition to this, big stripes and dramatic floral prints are another upcoming trend that might allure a lot of women especially when combined or contrasted with a monotone piece of clothing. Women may even incorporate their dull, tedious pieces with sequins. Skirts, dresses, tops or pants sequin everything and anything that your wardrobe accommodates. Yellow is the color to go, lime yellow, mustard yellow, Tuscan sun, butterscotch or whatever shade feels like home to your heart, yellow is the ‘it’ shade for 2022.

Body empowering fashion

What makes the trends for 2022 so special is the body empowering aspect they have to them. So, say hello to miniskirts, midriff clothing, gingham and, more specifically, body tailored suits, inadvertently dropping all the oversized hoodies, shirts and pants you have stocked up. Dwelling more into apparel and the choices at hand, cutout dresses are another option for women to wear. Be it cut outs at the waist, sleeves or going a little bold on the neckline or whatever crazy cut that allures you, these voguish, a la mode frocks are one to get hooked on.

Y2K trends

Another noticeable feature of the 2022 collection amongst many designers was the revivification of the 2000s (Y2K), scarf tops, crop tops, kitten heels, low rise jeans and all of that.


As said multiple times, fashion is obsessive of one’s mind, soul and body and women use fashion to express themselves. 2022 will quite easily be the year for women to go all out and “do as they will” for as analogously speaking as possible, 2022 will be the renaissance year for women’s fashion.