The Simple Truth About See Residents Lifestyle That No-one Is Letting You Know

The Simple Truth About See Residents Lifestyle That No-one Is Letting You Know

It’s your first appointment with a wedding dress designer, and you want to look good. You’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about what you’ll wear and how it will help you feel more confident. But did you think about what else is going on in that room? Here’s everything that I wish I knew before my first appointment:

A fitting bra

As you’re trying on dresses, it’s important that your bra is supportive and comfortable. You want to make sure that your bra will be able to support the weight of your bust without causing back pain for hours on end. A fitting bra should not only fit well but also look good in the dress. If there is too much cleavage or spillage out of a fitted dress, it can make you look bigger than you really are and spoil the effect of any other outfit details (like a corseted waist). It’s best if you can find a bra similar to what you’ll wear to a bridal day so that this isn’t an issue when choosing accessories like necklaces or belts later on down the road!

A minimum of heels

The good news is that you can wear anything you like to the bridal appointment. The bad news is that you’ll probably be standing for a long time, so heels are recommended. If your dress has a train, it’s especially important to wear shoes with traction and support for walking around the store.

Wear at least one pair of shoes with a heel height no more than three inches; anything higher than this may cause discomfort when trying on dresses (and then again when walking to your car). If wearing flats or wedges is not an option for you, at least wear closed-toed shoes with heels no higher than two inches; if possible, try on a pair of ballet flats before going into the store—they’re perfect for getting ready without worrying about ruining those pretty new heels!

Underwear or shorts

If you’re wearing a strapless dress and don’t feel confident about your strapless bra, it’s okay to wear shorts or underwear under your dress. If you are worried about showing off too much leg (or not enough), then try wearing shorts. Shorts can be revealing in their own way, but they will also help keep your dress from riding up while trying on dresses and walking around the store.

If your backless dress has cutouts or is open at the back, then you’ll want to wear a backless bra that covers all of your skin. You could also opt for a slip if there isn’t much risk of any unwanted exposure.

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A supportive friend or two

You should have a friend or two with you, especially if it’s your first time trying on dresses. Having someone there can help keep things going smoothly and make the appointment more fun. If something isn’t working, they can give you an honest opinion (and maybe even get a few laughs out of the situation).

You’ll also want to be sure that whoever comes along is supportive—you don’t want anyone to say anything negative about the dress you’re wearing or comment on what’s not flattering about your body type.

Loose clothing with a controlled silhouette

Loose clothing with a controlled silhouette is ideal for a bridal appointment. You want to look like you are comfortable and confident in your body, but also that you aren’t trying too hard to impress anyone. Don’t wear anything too tight or low cut (for example, don’t show off your belly button or cleavage). And don’t wear anything that’s so loose it looks like it’s about to fall off (even if it does look cute on the rack!).

It’s the best way to try on wedding dresses

Wedding dress shopping is a big deal. There’s nothing like the excitement of trying on wedding dresses for the first time, and there’s no better way to do so than in person at a bridal appointment. You can see how your dress looks on you, and how it fits you. You’ll be able to try on different styles of dresses, each with their own unique qualities that will help guide your decision-making process when choosing which gown is right for you!

The lighting in the store is usually flattering, they’re designed so that brides can see themselves in an accurate light without having to worry about sudden changes in illumination or color temperature (which could affect how they perceive themselves). This is especially important because while there may be some things about yourself that are visible through photos online or through a photograph taken by someone else, those images aren’t actually what you’ll look like when standing before the mirror getting ready for your big day.


We think the most important thing is to have fun with this appointment. It’s an exciting time and you want to enjoy it! Don’t fret too much about what you wear, because nothing is going to make or break your experience at this appointment (except maybe not being prepared). Just remember that what matters most is that you have someone who loves and supports you at all times during this process, whether they’re there with you in person or not.